Modified: Sunday, December 31, 2006

City Hall with Fountain copyright 1997, Vickie M. Feldman

Independence Hall copyright 1999, Vickie M. Feldman

All around Philadelphia

We thought that you might enjoy seeing a few sights from the area of national and local interest. These images may change from time to time. Please come back and enjoy.

The photos and art viewed on this page are being used with permission from and credited to the individual contributors and is here only to enhance the visitor's experience and is not being used in any way for financial gain by individuals of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild. Please enjoy and feel free to visit the websites of those credited, its our way of saying 'thank you' for their permissions.

The artistic photographs of Philadelphia's City Hall, Independence Hall, the 'Thinker' statue at the Rodin Museum, and the great view approaching the city via the Schulykill River is the copyrighted work of Vickie M. Feldman, Panache Photos. You can appreciate these and many more offerings in a larger format offered in the many 'galleries' of work found at the above link.

Snowy Thinker at Rodin copyright 1996, Vickie M. Feldman

Approaching the City copyright 1998, Vickie M. Feldman

'The Great Caruso' mural, Philadelphia

Above mural photo courtesy David Toccafundi. You can easily view many others throughout the Philadelphia area, by category, by clicking this link.

'Love' sculpture, Philadelphia'Clothespin' and 'Love' sculpture photos courtesy Chris Purdom via A great place to visit.

'Clothespin' sculpture, Philadelphia